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What is invisalign®?


Invisalign® is an orthodontic system with a series of clear aligners custom-made for each patient using 3-D computer imaging and printing. The average case has about 18-30 "sets" of aligners (upper and lower trays) that are to be worn for 22 hours per day and changed every 1-2 weeks. Each set of trays is a slightly different shape which gradually move and correct your teeth. With the correct amount of aligner wear, you can expect results equal to those obtained with metal or ceramic braces.



What's involved?


At the first appointment, we use a 3-D scanner to record the unique shape and alignment of your teeth. This scan is used to firstly to show you what can be achieved and if you decide to go ahead then it is also used to create a treatment plan for you and to make  the aligners that will straighten your teeth. You will take home 3-6 sets of aligners at a time and see the dentist  6-12 weeks, each time we check the progress and provide the next set of aligners. At the end of your treatment you are fitted with a retainer which looks very similar to the aligners used during active treatment.

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How much does it cost?


The initial assessment is free after which you will have seen what invisalign® could achieve.


The total cost of the treatment including a set of retainers would be £3450, there are several different ways to pay which can be discussed.



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